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~a couple of pictures of last night’s pretty sunset~

10 things you should know before you do your bronze DofE

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Recently I did my two-day expedition for the bronze Duke of Edenborough award. I have already finished my volunteering, physical and skills sections of the award and so the final part was the expedition. Because of a friend’s inability to do this walking, our group chose to cycle for the two days; like the walking…

The Evolution of Music (part 1)

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The way we listen to music and the music we listen to has changed so much throughout the years. From the very first phonographs to the current MP3 players. Music has been an essential part of our lives. It brings people from all different backgrounds together and has helped overcome many worldwide issues such as…

How I Found Music

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As it is for many people, music plays a very important part in my life. Whenever I can, I listen to music, and in any format I can: MP3, cassette, vinyl or CD. I probably use CDs the most simply because I own more CDs than anything else, however, I believe that nothing can really…

Hi all

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Hello everyone who has found themselves here. In case you’re confused this is the blog of a teenage girl living on Guernsey (a rock in the channel islands). My name is Maisie Bisson and I’m an amateur writer, musician and all round person. I’m using amateur in its purest meaning of ‘a person who engages…