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Prepping for the UK

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I realise that this is my first post in a while and I’m sorry for that. School life had taken over slightly for a while but with <track not found’s> UK tour coming up in a matter of weeks the focus is back on the band. Once I get back from the tour I’m planning…

The Recks Album Review – The Beast From the Sea

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The Recks have always been one of the bands I admire- just out of reach – occasionally seeing them live and loving what I heard, but with frustratingly little recorded material. So I felt honoured when the email came through with the pre-release link to their debut album and it definitely lived up to my…

!Guernsey Gigs!

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Guernsey gigs have just launched their new website! It’s a hub for all local music, with a gig guide showing you everything that’s on in the island, live videos of local bands, gig photos, reviews and even a new podcast about the local music scene. I am on the blog team that does write ups…

Is it Really in the Interests of Humans and Animals Alike to Keep Pets?

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Here is an article that I wrote for a writing task at school and I was pretty happy with it. So here you are;   I really had to think hard before starting to write this, because, despite my own pets bringing a lot of happiness into my world, it makes me infinitely sad to…

A day away with track not found

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Last weekend <track not found> took a trip to Jersey for a gig organised by Aardvark Events. We had a wonderful time in Jersey and brought back happy memories and valuable experiences. We played at The Troubadour pub in Saint Helier with three other bands from Jersey; Mezra, Swajen and The Outpatients. I decided to…

Art GCSE Exam Topic

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Okay so, since the last update on the art GCSE I have since got my mock result back (high A! Whoop!) and I have handed in my coursework for a while, so I can focus on my exam topic until I do my final exam. I am doing my GCSE with the WJEC exam board…


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~This is the photo shoot for the rat mask I have made for my art GCSE~

Preparing for the Art GCSE Mock

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My overall theme for the coursework section of the GCSE was ‘Natural Forms’ from this brief I decided to do my topic on animals that then evolved into characters with human bodies and animal heads. The majority of my topic has been on making, photographing and editing a rat mask. This I used to symbolize…

Word of the Week – Moot

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            Today I went to a sixth form talk at my school and one of the extra-curricular activities available to us is a law firm’s moot campaign. At first, I wasn’t sure if moot was an abbrivaition for something or if it was an actual word, so when I got home, naturally I searched it…

Halloween Comes Early (Sound Guernsey Review 20th October)

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The doors opened at 7 and the Fermain Tavern gradually filled with buzzing teens. The Tav had been decorated for the occasion and some people joined the spooky aesthetic by dressing up as ghosts, devils and even a pumpkin or two. Cosmic Fish kicked off the night with their messy pop punk sound that they…